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#50 Days 

By Thabo Stuck

Director - Nyasha Gudo

Design - Alexandra Kay

Design assistant - Lorelei Cairns

Video Design - Nick Laws     

Lighting designer - Jack Hathaway

Production & Photographs -BYMT    


#50 DAYS

#50Days tells the story of the 50-day period that led up to an outbreak of the 17th century British Civil Wars. Set to a Grime score, the show gives young people a chance to interpret the narrative of a time when this country was politically fraught, in the shadow of a plague, and felt well and truly divided. Exploring this merging of contemporary & historical with the costuming  meant jerkins and doublets, married with hoodies and trainers, even some golden gowns for royalty- with colour, texture and era of costumes defining class and political factions within the story. We designed the set around the desire for projection and video content. The Set for the looming throne and parliamentary buildings was made from a majority of reused set pieces from earlier shows, redecorated and recycled wood, chairs and materials.

A New Musical Staged by British Youth Music Theatre in their 2023 Summer Season

All Production Images thanks to ©kirstenmcternan photography

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