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"Curiosity, wonder and a love of character and storytelling guide my practise as both a designer and maker. Striving to create cathartic, exploratory and evocative work, each a uniquely tactile and collaborative journey of discovery through illustration, heavy research and textural sketchbooks."

Alex is a Designer and Maker, Currently based in Cardiff, Wales. She studied Design for Performance at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, during her time there developing a particular love for Costume and Puppetry. She has a love of new work, and community and youth focused projects, working with British Youth Music Theatre multiple times, as well as developing and delivering her own schools workshops.

She has also worked as a design assistant, costume assistant and with British Youth Music Theatre in their 2022 Season as a Creative Trainee and again in 2023 as a Professional Designer.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about any of my work, availability or discuss any future work,  you can contact me directly at

(+44) 7519 972866


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